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Sunningdale Opens The Door To Education

Sunningdale Dairy, one of the success stories of the East London IDZ, continues to contribute toward a healthy and vibrant community in the Eastern Cape. In a statement to the press, Key Accounts Manager Ross Penniall, said that they are issuing an open invitation to all East London Schools to visit and tour the facility at the IDZ.
The idea is to provide learners with experiential learning through a tour of the Sunningdale facility. It provides insight into the processes involved, the importance of hygiene, stringent procedures and the distribution process in bringing the product to the end consumer. Essentially, the aim is to provide learners with a memorable experience that sheds light on what goes into bringing a product to market. They are sending a representative to schools in and around the city to speak at assemblies and create an interest in healthy lifestyles, dairy as an important building block for young minds and bodies and of course to extend the invitation to the schools directly.
Selborne Primary have already taken up the offer from Sunningdale and today sent 120 Grade 1 pupils to the facility. According to Mrs Tracy Thomson, a Grade 1 teacher at the school, “there has been an overwhelmingly positive response from parents who have supported this initiative by offering transport to the extent that the school did not need to use their busses”. Selborne Primary have recently made the headlines for being the first school in East London, and one of only 11 schools in the country to go Google. Their immediate response to the invitation from Sunningdale Dairy is another way in which they extend education into that which is relevant and tangible.
Sunningdale is the largest private dairy in East London. It started out as a family concern, owned and run by Neil and Sandy van Rensburg. Their son Pierre currently holds the position of CEO. The company continues to show impressive growth and currently employs over 400 people, making it an important player in the local economy. They supply the major retail chains like Checkers, Shoprite, SPAR and OK Foods in the Eastern Cape, on the Garden Route and into Durban.