Lamont – Marketing and Advertising


Welcome to LaMont Marketing and Advertising.

We specialise in advertising and CSI in the Eastern Cape. We strive to be more professional, more involved and more creative in applying effective and exciting solutions for our clients.


We specialise in media planning and buying and have vast experience and expertise at our disposal, giving us a competitive edge over our competitors in the Eastern Cape.


Our creative solutions are applied in every strategy to add to the client’s sustainability.


We assist clients in identifying appropriate CSI partners and provide strategic guidance in allocating spend based on a triple bottom line approach.


We have established solid relationships with media owners and therefore have the inside track which we leverage for our clients. We belong to the SAGMJ and BKCOB and have extensive business networks in these areas that are invaluable to ourselves and our offering to clients.


We aim to provide a one-stop-shop service to our clients at prices that are reasonable and fair. We wish to bring to the table service delivery that outstrips our promises to make sure we retain their business.

LaMont offers more than just media planning and booking…

Over time we have formed strategic alliances which provide LaMont clients with access to a variety of services within our network. These include:


Scope of work experience with brands and companies including:

SAFA Soweto; Philips SA; ECDC; East London IDZ; GM – Williams Hunt Group centenary campaign; Boddingtons; Stella Artois; launch of SoccerLife magazine with Sunday Times.